Quality hot cocoa brand Beauti Cocoa is launching to market, the latest innovation from 11-year-old business leader and rap artist Beauti. Beauti Cocoa is available at https://beauticocoa.com/.


Beauti Cocoa is a rich, delectable, premium balance of cocoa, dry milk, and sugar. It offers added toppings unlike any other hot chocolate on the market, providing hot chocolate lovers the option of creating each cup exactly as will please the palette. Each Beauti Cocoa package contains two bags of Beauti Cocoa, and one bag each of chocolate and caramel, marshmallows, peppermint sprinkles, sparkling sprinkles, and Beauti Spice Mix, in addition to one Beauti Cocoa spoon.

The brand is looking to shake up the hot chocolate category by infusing fresh, new life that contrasts with long-standing brands such as Nestle and Swiss Miss.

Cocoa is actually an acronym which stands for Community Of Cultures Overachieving All. It’s more than a brand; it’s a lifestyle that aims to build distinct experiences that bring people and families together for wonderful times and marvelous memories.

Beauti Cocoa’s ambassador, Beauti, whose given name is Beauti Italia King, made a sharp, dazzling rise in just a brief period by intermixing modern music elements with classic hip-hop and rap, to bring songs that were new and totally different to the fans. Beauti’s recordings are available across all major streaming platforms.Beauti debuted “The Beauti Between Cardi and Nicki (Do What I Do)” in May 2019. In Summer 2020 she released her single, “Now That I Turn It Up.” Additional titles include, “Recipe,” and “All Lives Matter.” She’s garnered more than 10 million plays on WordStar.

Since the age of 9, Beauti has been zealous about rapping, and she’s proven herself as a musical luminary to watch. Beauti is continuing to enlarge and nurture her fanbase by magnetizing them with her witty old school / new school flavor, personality, and virtuoso style of delivery. Her full bio is at http://ive.a43.myftpupload.com/.

Her site also features another arm of the Beauti brand: merchandise and apparel, including t-shirts, sweaters, and caps. Beauti is committed to communicating a motivational message centered on love and peace, in order to inspire young people across the globe.