Gary, IN has a reputation for raising young rappers who can effortlessly translate stories of life into catchy, melodic rap songs, and Beauti Italia King is the latest to grab attention. Rapper BEAUTI Italia King, who goes by the rap name BEAUTI, is making waves in the music industry. At only 11 years old, BEAUTI is establishing herself as a superstar to watch. She floats over beats like a natural with maturity. BEAUTI, keeps a stash of flows and witty bars that confirms she’s a true star. Since the age of 9, BEAUTI was passionate and interested in rapping. BEAUTI’s father is heavily involved in the music industry and helps his daughter with marketing, video, and studio production. BEAUTI made her “The Beauti Between Cardi and Nicki (Do What I Do)” debut back in May 2019. The young rapper spoke of her favorite quotes “keep it going”, “hard work pays off”, and “if you believe you will achieve”. When asked who inspires her, she listed Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, and my dad Cory King.

BEAUTI combines modern music elements along with classic Hip-Hop/Rap ideology to bring something completely different to the ears. She’s developing a perpetually expanding fanbase that gravitates to her witty old school new school flavor, personality, and her masterful delivery. BEAUTI youthful exuberance draws you right into her world and this, combined with her versatile, suggests we’re dealing with a real talent who will only keep growing as a rapper. Her charming appearance has already won the hearts of many inspiring artists of her age. BEAUTI’s musical ability is top-notch, but the way she carries herself is almost as important. She exudes confidence.

In her endless pursuit to evolve her skills, BEAUTI has been working alongside her father in the studio focusing on her craft. Keep an eye on her Summer 2020 release of her newest single “Now That I Turn It Up”.  Always willing to stay on top, BEAUTI will be releasing visuals and videos on YouTube and social media. BEAUTI’s popularity has been meteoric in such a short time, she’s significantly gaining momentum of her followers and she’s secured a supportive fan base. With this success and popularity, she has earned, she will surely earn stardom in the coming days

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